Swedish Finn Association was formed in 1954 and is one of the national associations of International Finn Association. Our goal is to develop Swedish Finn Sailing - providing excellent service to members and work in various ways to "increase the breadth." The community spirit and great competitions, is essential to achieve the goal of getting more people to sail the Finn, Olympic dinghy in 69 years, 1952 - 2021.

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Published    |   2021-09-21

Ranking list for the 2022 season

The ranking list for the sailing season 2022, is the same as the result list for the Sweden Cup 2021, since the two regattas on which the ranking list is based are the Swedish Championship regatta and the Sola Cup regatta.  

Click on the link below, and you will reach the results list for the Sweden Cup 2021!

Sailor greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Resultatlistan för Sverige Cupen 2021 
Published    |   2021-09-21

Swedish Finn Association's statutes

At the annual meeting in Sandviken on 20 August and at the general membership meeting, the Swedish Finn Association has decided to make an addition to the association's statutes regarding § 7.  

"The membership fee must be received by the Finn Association no later than March 1. After a reminder, the membership fee must be paid no later than April 1. If it is not, the member is excluded.
During the month of January, in the future, a reminder to pay the membership fee will be sent out to all members (both active and supportive members). "
Click on the link below, and you will reach the Swedish Finn Association's statutes!

Ps. In the case of a personal sail number, a membership fee must always be paid in order for you to be able to keep your personal sail number.

Sailor greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Finnjolleförbundets stadgar 
Published    |   2021-09-20

KLM Masters 2021

KLM Masters 2021 avgjordes i samband med Sola Cup i helgen.  
Tävlingen genomfördes i samband med Sverige Cup avslutningen i Karlstad. Resultatlistan hittar du nedan.

Henrik Rydell  
Resultat KLM Masters 2021 
Published    |   2021-09-20

Resultat Sverige Cupen 2021

Sverige Cupen 2021 är avgjord.  
Två deltävlingar, SM i Sandviken och Sola Cup i Karlstad ingick årets upplaga av Sverige Cupen. Segrare i år blev Daniel Miles från Uppsala. Hela listan hittar du här.

Henrik Rydell  
Resultat Sverige Cupen 2021 
Published    |   2021-09-20

Change of chairman at the annual meeting 2022

As for the chairman's appointment, it expires at the annual meeting (26/8) 2022 in Kalmar in connection with the Open Swedish Championships for OK dinghy and Finn 26-28 August.  
The chairman has already announced that he will not be available for re-election for a new term.
At the annual meeting 2022, the undersigned has been chairman of the Swedish Finn Association for a total of 14 years. This is divided into three periods: 1986-1988, 2009-2013 and 2014-2022.
In order to create better conditions for a new union chairman, the board will during the autumn / winter, work out descriptions of responsibilities for the various functions within the board and thus get a better division of work between the board members.

Sailor greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Published    |   2021-09-20

Sailors Remember the Sailing Canoe 20 October

The Swedish Sailing Federation's historical committee invites to a meeting with the theme Sailing Canoe on Wednesday 20 October in Roddarnas Hus at Djurgården in Stockholm.  
Note - the number of places is limited.
Click on the link below, so you can reach SSF's website and can read the whole article!

Sailor greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Seglarförbundets hemsida 
Published    |   2021-09-19

Result Sweden Cup 2021

The result list for this year's Sweden Cup (which includes the Swedish Championships and Sola Cup), will be published as soon as possible on the website under the category documents.  

The ranking list for 2022 will also be published shortly on the website / document.

Sailor greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
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