Swedish Hall of fame
Rickard Sarby Rickard Sarby (1912-1977)
  • Designer of the finn at 1949.
  • 4th at the Olympic Games 1948 (in Firefly).
  • Olympic bronze in 1952
  • Swedish Champion 1955.
  • 5th at the Olympic Games 1956.
  • Swedish Finn Association chairman during the 50s.
  • Before Rickard drew the Finn dinghy he was a successful canoe sailor and designer of a number of sailing canoes.
Bengt Hornevall Bengt Hornevall (1921-2007)
  • Swedish Champion 1959.
  • Swedish Finn Association chairman in the 60s.
  • International Finn Association President 1961-62.
  • Karlstad Canoe Association President (1955-1964) where he was driving and using Rickard Sarby, arranged so that history's second Finn Gold Cup was held in Karlstad, Sweden in 1957.
Åke Sätre Åke Sätre (1920-2010)
  • Important work for Finn dinghy and Swedish dinghy sailing in general.
  • Swedish Finn Association chairman in the 70s.
  • Active in Sailing Federation's Board of Directors and in conjunction with the model for the Olympic trials in the 70's.
  • The creator of the Low Point System used in nearly all races in the world.
Boris Jakobsson Boris "Boran" Jacobson (1937-2013)
  • One of our major Swedish Finn Sailors.
  • World Championship silver 1962-63 and European Championship gold 1962-63.
  • Four times Swedish Champion.
  • Represented Sweden in the Olympics in 1964 in Enoshima, Japan.
  • After the active career was Boris active in the Swedish Sailing Association's working groups.
Fredrik Lööf Fredrik Lööf 1969
  • Participated in the Olympics six times (1992-2012). Gold and bronze in Starboat (2012 resp. 2008), and bronze in the Finn in 2000.
  • Fredrik succeeded with the huge effort to "get on the podium" for seven consecutive World Championships (1993-1999), of which gold 1994, 1997 and 1999.
  • A number of World Cup and European Championship gold in Starboat.
  • A number of medals at the European Championships and other international regattas.
  • Considered by many to be one of Sweden's best sailors of all time.
Torsten Jarnstam Torsten Jarnstam 1946
  • Appointed Honorary Member in 2013, including for his work as an ambassador for Finn Sailing in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.
  • Best Swedish at the Swedish International Championships in Båstad, 1998.
  • Chairman Swedish Finn Association in 1986-88, 2009-2013.
  • Swedish Sailing Federation's honorary stingy 2012.
  • Chairman dinghy sailors Karlstad (KKF) 1998-2002, appointed as honorary member in 2005 in Dinghy sailors Karlstad.
  • From 2015 the editor of the Swedish Finn Association's website.
Petter Ivarsson Petter Ivarsson 1968
  • Appointed Honorary in 2015
  • Member of the Board 1992-1997 and was then also the editor of Swedish Finn News.
  • Transferred the swedish finn-register to electronic form and integrated it later on the website.
  • Created and developed continuously the website between 1997-2015.
Mikael Brandt Mikael Brandt 1947
  • Appointed Honorary in 2017
  • Mikael Brandt är Sveriges mesta finnjolleseglare med över 50 år i klassen
  • Mikael har seglat totalt 27 VM regattor. Brons (1989) och Guld (1990) i Finn World Masters
  • Mikael blev svensk Mästare 1997 och 2009. Mikael har följt finnjolleklassens utveckling i alla år sedan finnjollens födelse i Uppsala. Han har guidat nya seglare in i klassen på ett fördömligt sätt i generationer
  • Utan överdrift är Mikael en ambassadör för Svensk finnjollesegling och tillika finnjolle-farfar med hela seglarsverige.

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