Swedish Finn Association was formed in 1954 and is one of the national associations of International Finn Association. Our goal is to develop Swedish Finn Sailing - providing excellent service to members and work in various ways to "increase the breadth." The community spirit and great competitions, is essential to achieve the goal of getting more people to sail the Finn, Olympic dinghy in 66 years, 1952 - 2018.

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Published    |   2018-11-18

Swedish Olympic medals in Finn

Finn is a Swedish design and was designed in 1949 by Uppsala sailor Rickard Sarby.  
To announce a new Olympic single-man race for the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, a designer contest had been announced.
Seven contest entries were in place in Helsinki in September 1950, when it was raced about which of the dinghys, who would be the new one-man dinghy on the Olympic sailing arena.
Rickard Sarby called his "Fint" contest contribution, which won most of the substitutions and the case was ready. The Finnish organizers then wished that the new Olympic one-man jersey would be called Finndinghy.

At the Olympic Sails in Helsinki in 1952, Rickard Sarby sailed a bronze medal. Won the Olympic Gold Medal that time did Paul Elvström.

When it comes to Swedish Olympic medals, "it's been a bit slow" and not until OS 2000 in Sydney, Australia - we could count on another Olympic Finn medal- when Fredrik Lööf sailed a bronze medal!

Unfortunately, at the Olympic sailing in Enoshima, Japan 2020, Finnjollen is on the OS program last time and then for the 18th time.
An amazing achievement of a 70 year old construction!

Because Finnjollen has such a wide spread as it has, it will hopefully also in the future - sailed by many sailors who find it fun to sail Finn, even if it is no longer an Olympic class.

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association
Published    |   2018-11-15

Legacy of an Olympic Legend

The story of the Finn class has been, and will always be, the greatest sailing story in the history of the Olympics.  
But, after 18 Olympic Games, it would seem the Finn is no longer required, effectively excluding the best athletes in the sport: a sad reflection of modern decision-making processes.
Click on the link below, then you can access IFA's website and read the full article!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Internationella Finnjolleförbundets hemsida 
Published    |   2018-11-14

Eurosaf Exchange - Officials to your competition!

Within Eurosaf, an organized exchange of competition officials takes place.  
It is aimed at sailors, judges and surveyors at national and international level.
Click on the link below, then you can access SSF's website and read the entire article!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Seglarförbundets hemsida 
Published    |   2018-11-14

International Finn races 2019

International Finn Association, now presents the major championships in 2019.  

Europeans - Marsala, Sicily, 9 to 17 May. Finn World Masters - Shovshoved, Denmark, 7-17 June. Silver Cup (Junior World Championship) - Anzio, Italy 14-20 July. Masters Europeans - Schwerin, Germany, 11-15 September. Find Gold Cup - Royal BrightonYC, Melbourne, 13 - 21 December.
Click on the link below, then you will find IFA's website and read more about International Finn sailing!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Internationella Finnjolleförbundets hemsida 
Published    |   2018-11-06

Finn regatta during the 2019 season

Here is information about some regatta in 2019.  

- Finnjolleregatta in Kastrup, Denmark 4-5 May.
- GKSS Olympic Class Regatta in Långedrag 11-12 May.
- Regatta for Finn and 505 in Träslövsläge 18-19 May (Sweden Cup No. 1).
- Danish Championships in Skovshoved 31 May - 2 June.
- Find World Masters in Skovshoved, Denmark 6-14 June.
- Swedish Championships for OK- and Finn 2-4 August in Marstrand. (probably Sweden Cup No. 2)
- Norwegian Championship in Fredrikstad 10-11 August.
- Ekolnregattan in Uppsala 24-25 August (prel. Sweden Cup No. 3).
- Sola Cup / Sweden Cup final / Class championship championship in Karlstad 14-15 September (Sweden Cup No. 4)
Click on the link below, then you will find the homepage's calendar!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Finnjolleförbundets kalender 
Published    |   2018-11-05

In 2024 Finnjollen is no longer on the OS program

Yes, then it was reported that many had fought to come, that Finn from 2024 is no longer an Olympic single handed class.  
At the World Sailings meeting in the United States during the week, it was decided yesterday that Finn was replaced by a two-person mixed boat crew.
2020 at the Olympic Games (last time) in Enoshima, Finn is in the 18th consecutive succession. An outstanding performance of an almost 70-year-old construction!
Finn was designed in 1949 by Uppsala sailor Rickard Sarby. It was a constructor contest called out - to get to the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 a new Olympic single handed dinghy.

In September 1950, the seven contest entries sailed out in Helsinki. Sarbys contest contribution, which he called "Fint", won almost all sails, and the Finnish organizers chose "Fint" for the new Olympic singel handed dinghy. They wanted this to be called Finndinghy.

There we have the explanation for the name Finndinghy. When the worst shock of all Finn sailors settled, hopefully many sailors nevertheless see Finn as a still important sailor for the development of talented sailors all over the world.

Since Finn has such a wide spread around the world as it has today - I'm convinced that the Finn class will still be in the future, and many will continue to sail it. As a positive consequence of 2024 falling out of the OS program, among other things, the Finn Gold Cup (World Championship for Finn) is getting even higher status. This should also be a guarantor that it is still interesting to sail Finn.

We who like Finn should not let us down, but with confidence look at the future. When the Starboat after 2012 fell out of the OS program, many thought it was the end of "Staren", which today is, to a very high degree, a very prosperous class. So I think it will also join Finn!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association

Published    |   2018-11-04

Statement from the International Finn Association

The International Finn Association (IFA) is extremely disappointed to see the decision taken today at the World Sailing AGM in Sarasota, USA, to exclude any event options for the Finn in favour of adopting the Mixed Two-Person Keelboat.  

Most of all we are very disappointed for the many committed Finn sailors affected by this decision, especially the young sailors who have had their campaign ambitions for 2024 cruelly shattered.
We feel the Finn class has become collateral damage in the quest for gender equality and Olympic TV rights income for World Sailing.
It is a great injustice that many of the best athletes in the sport of sailing no longer have an avenue to the Olympics, and we honestly feel the Olympics will be poorer as a result of the exclusion of the Finn.
We know the Finn class will continue to thrive and for the time being we will focus on supporting our athletes as they prepare for Tokyo 2020. In the coming months, the IFA will work towards finding a way back for the Finn on the Olympic programme. // Balazs Hajdu, IFA President

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
What is Finn-dinghy?
The dinghy was designed by Rickard Sarby 1949 and has been on every Olympic Games since 1952. It is the largest one-man dinghy you can sail and many famous helmsmen have a record of the class. It is technologically advanced and evolving. The good atmosphere between finn-sailors are well known. Join us!

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