Swedish Finn Association was formed in 1954 and is one of the national associations of International Finn Association. Our goal is to develop Swedish Finn Sailing - providing excellent service to members and work in various ways to "increase the breadth." The community spirit and great competitions, is essential to achieve the goal of getting more people to sail the Finn, Olympic dinghy in 66 years, 1952 - 2018.

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Training camp in Karlstad 28-29 april   (18-03-21)
Swedish Finn Association invites to "started training" before the sailing season 2018.  
Trainer is Tonny Nyrén, who last year coached a similar training camp at KKF in Karlstad.
The layout for the training weekend is not yet completely spotted. You have the opportunity to highlight what you feel you need to improve for your Finn sailing.

Cost of the training weekend in Karlstad: 350 SEK to be paid to the undersigned.
The attendance fee includes coaches, coffees, lunches and lunch for two days, as well as a refund to KKF (SEK 50 / Participant for access to club house, as well as petrol for follow-up boat).

Mail to (torstenjarnstam(et)yahoo.se) and sign up for the training camp in Karlstad Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April, and also email info on "you want to look better"!

Ps. The training camp has a maximum of 20 participants ... do you intend to participate, sign up as soon as possible ... "first come true"!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Swedish Championship for Finn 2018   (18-03-21)
You can now register for the Swedish Championship in Träslövsläge 10-12 August.  
"Sailors of Finn & OK Jolle, welcome to Träslövsläges Båtsällskap who invites you to the Open Swedish championship in Finn and OK Jolle, from 10/8 to 12/8 - 2018."
Click on the link below, then you will find the homepage for the Swedish Championship 2018!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Mästerskapen för Finnjolle 2018 
Video - medal race EM 2018   (18-03-20)
Here you can follow this year's European champion Edward Wright during the medal-drawn European Championships, last race day .  
.. "Ed Wright in the Medal Race at the 2018 Finn Europeans in Cadiz."
Click the link below, and you can watch the video on Ed Wright Finn!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Video - medaljracet EM 2018 
Swedish successes during EM 2018   (18-03-19)
Start by congratulating Max Salminen!
A really good achievement "to tie the bag" under the medal racing and thus secure the Bronze medal.  
Very well sailed!

Johannes who also belongs to the SWE SAILING TEAM FINN and, in addition, is the U23 sailor, fought very well during the tough conditions that prevailed during the EM in Cadiz. Johannes finished 7th among the juniors. That achievement is also worth mentioning! Johannes - good sail!

Also noted should be the master sailors Fredrik Tegnhed and Mikael Nilsson, who also fought well during the tough sailing conditions on the sea outside Cadiz!

My experience is that Swedish Finn sailing now has "strong winds".
An important and significant tailwind, which creates increased interest in social media and media for Finn sailing in Sweden.
Hopefully, this creates an increased interest in starting to sail Finn. Recruitment of younger sailors is very important for the continued development of Swedish Finn sailing, but of course we also welcome older sailors to Finn class!

Ps. Signed visits 22-23 May Seglargymnasiet in Motala with two Finn. It is the fourth time that the Swedish Finn Association visits Seglargymnasiet. Students will have the opportunity to try Finn sailing for two days.

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
The EM in Cadiz has been completed!   (18-03-19)
This year's European Championship in Finn, which was sailed in Cadiz, Spain has now been completed.  
European champion and gold medalist 2018 became Edward Wright / GBR 11. Silver medalist became Nicholas Heiner / NED 89 and Bronze medalist became national team Max Salminen / SWE 33.
We congratulate Max on the bronze medal!

During EM 2018 Sweden had four participants. Other Swedish placements: The U23 sailor and the national team scorer Johannes Pettersson SWE 11 became 36th and among the juniors came in 7th place.

The Master sailors Fredrik Tegnhed / SWE 5 and Mikael Nilsson / SWE 61 finished in 62th place and 87th place respectively.
Well fought by Fredrik and Michael, who had a very instructive week in Spain. Good training for Finn World Masters in May in El Balis, Spain.

Next regatta for Max and Johannes is Mallorca - Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR March 30-April 7th.
Click the link below, and you will see the results list for EM 2018!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finnjolleförbundet  
Resultat EM 2018 
2018 Finn European Championship    (18-03-18)
"Ed Wright snatches Finn European title after spectacular medal race.  
Ed Wright won his second Finn European title on Saturday, in Cádiz, after a spectacular medal race in high winds and huge waves that nearly resulted in the race being cancelled. Nicholas Heiner, from the Netherlands, had led all week, but several capsizes and a last place left him with the silver, while Max Salminen, from Sweden did enough to take the bronze, after placing second."
Click the link below, and you will see the results list for EM 2018!

We congratulate Max Salmin on the Bronze Medal at the European Championships in Cadiz, which ended in Saturday's medal race!
We also congratulate Johannes Pettersson, who became 7th among the U23 sailors!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Assciation  
Resultat EM 2018 
Video - day 4 EM 2018    (18-03-16)
Now you can also watch the video from Thursday's sessions during the European Championship for Finnjolle 2018.  

Click on the link below, then when you FINN TV, you can see "Footage from Day 4 of the 2018 Find Europeans in Cadiz!"

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Video - dag 4 EM 2018 
Swedish National Team
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